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Go green. Save paper. Reduce frustration.

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We don’t want to be your next social network. No sharing, liking, plussing or hash-tagging. We just want to make it easy for parents and school personnel to communicate without paper.

Less paper.

By using ClassbuzzApp you’re helping your school reduce the use of paper and save on resources. That keeps you from dealing with piles of paper in your child’s backpack. And it saves trees which makes our bee happy.

No logins.

Well almost. We love to see you but we’re parents and know how it is. Once you sign up all communications come via email and you’ll rarely have to visit our site again.

How does it work?

Well... our bee will buzz anyone that tries to put paper in your kid’s backpack. Ok maybe not. We just make it simple for teachers and administrators to send out communications to parents electronically where possible and by paper where needed. As a parent you receive notifications via email and can view communications on the spot without even logging into the site.

But not everyone uses email.

We know. And that’s why we make it easy for teachers and administrators to keep track of which parents want electronic communications and which ones do not. This way parents receive communications in the the way that suits them and everyone is happy and buzzing.

But I’ll just have another site to check.

Not if we can help it. Once you sign up you usually won’t have to visit the site again. You’ll start receiving communications via email with links that open the communications for you without even needing to log in.

My school doesn’t have this.

So let's tell them about it! We're still in an early pilot stage but we'll be looking for schools to beta test. If you have the email of a principal or administrator enter it below and tell them how ClassbuzzApp can help your school save money, paper and frustration.